Doors with a difference

Do you feel the need to give you home a bit of shake up without breaking the bank? When was the last time you thought about updating your doors or at least giving them some fresh paint. Boring doors that just blend in can leave your house feeling a little lost and cookie cutter. However having the confidence to go beyond the norm and use doors that are out of the ordinary can give your home pizazz.

Black always looks good! Painting you interior doors with some stylish dark paint can instantly give your home some trendiness and sophistication. Remember to take the door off its hinges or at least remove the door hardware before painting or you’ll be left with a less than ideal result. No matter if you have other black features in the room, black doors look great as the single black feature in a room. Go on be daring and lose the standard white doors, you won’t regret it.

Barn and sliding doors are all the rage right now, in part due to the influence of the United States on our interior styles. Look at re-purposed barn doors for a rustic look or stylish modern sliding doors for a more sleek effect. Whichever direction you go, make sure the doors use quality fittings and frames. Some of the best in the business are Brio who make a huge range of sliding doors for all types of application whether interior or exterior. Their sliding door hardware uses only first rate stainless steel for all sliding door tracks and hinges.

If your front door leads into a hallway, think about painting the back of your door a bright and welcoming colour. This makes the door into a focal point of the corridor and can breath new life into otherwise dull spaces. If you live in the city or country, red and orange work well, if you live close to the coast, consider aqua and various shades of blue to give a beachy vibe. Backdoors can also be transformed from the ordinary to stunning by adding colour, or better still swapping the door for a stable type door to give you instant access to natural light and airflow.