Black Framed windows and Bifold Doors. Classic style or passing trend?

Black is the new black for many homeowners and renovators looking to stand out from the cookie cutter white doors and window frames. But is this a solid design foundation or a potentially expensive passing trend?

With the right application and in the right room, black window and door frames can look absolutely stunning and add serious class and elegance. From hyper modern homes to industrial style renovations they ooze sophistication and can even add some modern zing to a dated century old house. Black as we all know is timeless colour that will work perfectly with basically every other colour. Like classic black dress most interiors décor will match perfectly with a little splash of black.

Black is however one of those colours that needs to be used in moderation and with a good eye, so as not to overwhelm a space. Black framed doors or windows can be a great way to add some style without resorting to painting a whole wall black. You can either paint timber doors and windows black or opt for powder coated black aluminium, or steel frames. Brio make a stunning range of bifold doors in a range of colours including black. They can also custom paint door frames to suit your décor and only use the best quality door hardware to ensure smooth function.

Most people think that black windows will stick out more than white windows, where in fact the opposite is true. Black tends to blend in to the outside surrounds, much like a shadow line. There is  a reason that tennis nets are black, so that players can focus on the ball. For this very reason, steer away from black windows if you are wanting to highlight the windows of the house.

Black windows will make an instant impact and look expensive no matter the material. However, black steel windows are next level wow factor. Yes they are expensive, however if the budget allows, nothing comes close to the timeless sophistication of blackened steel! The imperfect patina of steel gives you texture and visual statement all rolled into one. They also have the added bonus of being able to sustain large panes of glass in minimal frames for a classic industrial inspired look.