Bamboo flooring –what you need to know

Bamboo has come to the fore in recent years as very popular flooring material. Its super tough, looks great and is one of the most sustainable floor surfaces on the market. Yes it also cheaper than traditional hardwood flooring, so why not choose bamboo for your new floor..

Lets get back to basics. Bamboo is large, hollow grass mainly native to Asia. Its one the most rapidly growing plants in the world – it can grow more than 1000mm a day in prime conditions, which one of the reasons it is so sustainable. There are over one thousand types of bamboo with many varieties used in the making of flooring, furniture and building materials. Its also still used as scaffolding in many Asian countries because its superior strength to weight ratio.

There are many types of bamboo flooring to suit your tastes including horizontal grain, vertical grain and strand woven as well as engineered bamboo. Horizontal grain are thin strips of bamboo pressed together which is the most true to nature thanks in part to the distinctive repeating pattern of the joints in the original bamboo.

Strand woven bamboo is made from shredded bamboo which is laminated together with an adhesive and compressed using pressure. It looks great and mimics the look of timber flooring with its natural flowing grain and patterns.

Solid bamboo floors come pretty much finished which makes for hassle free installation and you can move your furniture straight back in once the floor has been installed. Win win! So why not give bamboo a look when you looking at flooring options, it’s a great investment in your home and the planet.